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Increase revenue for your SaaS business

Increase revenue by accepting payments from countries where paying with credit card is difficult.

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Stripe doesn't work well everywhere

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Reach the world

Lots of countries can't easily pay using credit cards due to extortionate exchange fees. Crypto fixes this.

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Easy to use API

You can spin up a checkout in a few clicks, but if you want to do more, use our simple API to build a fully-integrated experience.

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Stay on brand

web3 companies should embrace web3 payments. makes paying with crypto as easy as credit card.

Why Checkout

Increase revenue from international buyers

Buying SaaS using a credit card is easy in Europe and North America, but for Latin America, Africa and Asia it can be unreasonably expensive. Significant fees on foreign exchange and local taxes means your product can be seen as too expensive to many.

Adding a crypto payment option allows these people to pay at the same rate as everyone else. Plus, you'll pay 0% transaction fee instead of the usual 2.9% charged by Stripe.

It doesn't have to be a pain either. Spin up a checkout link in a few clicks or bring your tech platform into the future with our easy-yet-powerful API.

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Case Study Checkout x Token Alerts

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Keep Stripe, just add

“By using we could start accepting crypto quickly without having to change up our systems. It simply sat alongside Stripe.”

Simplified Workflows

“I started accepting crypto payments manually but it was a pain to manage. Using they automate this pain away, so I can focus on building.”

No Fees

“Accepting fiat or crypto payments from other providers can cost us up to 3% of the value of the payment plus an FX fee. The 0% transaction fee protects my margins.”

Better customer service

“No one likes doing emergency support. made crypto payments as seamless as paying with a traditional online checkout.”

When Token Alerts started to gain traction in Latin America I was suddenly inundated with requests to take crypto. Checkout enabled me to do this without changing up my existing credit card processor which I know and love.

Picture of Token Alerts CEO, a Cheq customer

Ekim Kaya

CEO, Token Alerts