Checkout: Investment

Raise in USDC
with ease.

USDC is fast becoming the favourite way for web3 companies to raise a round. Now it doesn't have to be scary.

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Build your business.
Not your payments.

Screenshot of successful set-up of payment links using Cheq.

Simple set-up

Create a link in one-click and reconcile investor payments with our dashboard or in Google Sheets.

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Avoid mistakes

Your angel investor can't afford to lose $10,000 by accident. Using a Checkout link ensures the funds arrive where they are supposed to and they feel safe the whole time.

Screenshot of successful generation of paperwork when making a payment in Cheq.

Generate paperwork Checkout collects the investor's name and contact details and reconciles it with their payment. Everyone walks away with a record that the payment was made successfully and securely.

Why Checkout

Accept USDC like a business should.

More and more companies are choosing to allow investors to transfer them funds in crypto, with USDC being the preferred token.

However, sending large amounts of crypto is scary, it's too easy to make a mistake and lose your funds. Additionally, it's stressful to try and keep track of who's paid and who you are waiting on, and both sides want a receipt so they have a proof of payment.

Rated Labs used Checkout to spin up a payment link and share it with their angel investors. The investor entered their investment amount, connected their wallet and clicked send. Funds transferred safely and paperwork generated for all.

Cartoon of successful start-up investment.

Use case Checkout x Rated Labs

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Simple Set-up

"Raising is a stressful time for any founder, Checkout let me set up and test a payment link in a few minutes that all my investors could use."

Manage Investments

"The dashboard allowed me to get a simple overview of my fundraising so I could see exactly who had paid and who we were waiting on."

Collect Information

"Anonymous payments aren't very useful when raising a round, I need to know who's paid! collected this information for me and notified me as soon as funds were received."

Great Customer Experience

"It's nerve wracking for investors to send large crypto transfers. Checkout gave them confidence to send funds in one click." Checkout allowed me to accept USDC like a business. My investors loved the experience, giving them confidence when transferring large sums of money.

Elias Simos

Founder & CEO, Rated Labs