How it works is the only payments platform in the world that converts crypto into a direct transfer to your bank account, meaning there are no changes to your finance operations.


You’ve just received $4,000 from Pedro Carlos


You’ve just received $15,000 from Astute Capital Ltd

The Process

A screenshot of someone entering their bank account details into Cheq
step 1

Get your payment link

Enter your public bank details into to generate a payment link.

No private bank details are required, only the same details you already print on your invoices.

A screenshot of Cheq displaying someone their payment link
step 2

Share your payment link

Print the link as a payment option on your invoices.

The same link can be used on all your invoices, and does not need to be re-generated, unless you change your bank details.

A screenshot of a buyer visiting the seller's payment link
step 3

Buyer visits your payment link

Your buyer will be presented a straightforward checkout experience that drastically reduces the chance of them making a mistake in transfer.

Your buyer will cover the minimal fees (< 1%) to use the service and cover any gas fees. You will receive the full amount owed.

On this checkout experience, they will provide their invoice number.

A screenshot demonstrating a completed payment
step 4

Buyer has completed payment

After a successful payment. Notifications will be sent to all parties.

Your buyer will receive a receipt, and you will receive an email notifying you of the payment and what reference to expect on the incoming bank transfer.

Payment will then arrive within a normal timeframe, typically under 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

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