How it works is the only platform in the world that converts crypto into a direct transfer to the recipients bank account, meaning they accept crypto without even realising.


You’ve just received $4,000 from Pedro Carlos


You’ve just received $15,000 from Astute Capital Ltd

The Process

A screenshot of someone entering their bank account details into Cheq
step 1

Enter recipient bank details

Enter the recipient's bank details into, just as if you were making a bank transfer.

No private bank details are required, only the same details already printed invoices.

step 2

Specify the amount

Just like a bank transfer, enter how much you want to pay and the payment reference to be displayed on their bank statement. will generate a quote for you and show you the amount of crypto to transfer and the precise amount being charged in fees.

step 3

Initiate your transfer

Transfer the crypto to the unique deposit address provided. This crypto will be liquidated and transferred to the recipient as a bank transfer.

step 4

Payment complete

After a successful payment, you'll be given a receipt. Updates about your payment can be found in the dashboard.

Typically, payments will arrive at the recipient bank account within 24 hours. The full amount will arrive and the reference will be included.

Payment will then arrive within a normal timeframe, typically under 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pass KYC to use the service?
Will my recipient know I used crypto?
How much does it cost?


Accept crypto-payments with ease

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