Our location
should not limit
our ability to trade

Crypto has the potential to allow money to move instantly around the globe, allowing anyone - regardless of identity or location - to trade freely with anyone else. To realise this dream, we first need to bridge the worlds of crypto and traditional finance in order to make crypto-payments an everyday reality.

Image of people trading on their mobiles and laptops.

With Pay.so, every nation
trades on equal ground

In much of Europe and the US, paying online is straightforward and stress-free. However, this is far from true across much of Africa, Asia, South America and more. Online payments fail frequently, and having business bank accounts approved can feel impossible.

And problems only get worse when trying to send money across borders, with transfers blocked without explanation and sneaky fees applied throughout. Pay.so re-imagines crypto transfers to welcome all businesses to a new frontier of global commerce where everyone can trade on the same terms

What really drives us

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Putting crypto to work today

The world is going to take a long time to transition to a crypto driven economy. We're building a seamless bridge between crypto and fiat to accelerate this movement and introduce crypto-payments to the mainstream today.

Making crypto accessible

No more jargon, no more exclusivity. Paying and getting paid is a fundamental human right. Let’s leverage brilliant technology and wrap it in an experience from which anyone can benefit.

Driving cross-border trade

Our world is rich with incredible talent and inspiring businesses. Let’s break down the barriers against cross-border collaboration and eliminate the fees that rob people of their hard-earned income.

With Pay.so, every nation trades on equal ground

Our Mission

Allow anyone to trade freely with anyone else on earth by accelerating the mainstream adoption of crypto-payments.

Our Vision

Build a payments platform that bridges the crypto and fiat worlds in a way that is easy and accessible to anyone on earth.