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Cheq is the easy way to make USDC payments to, from or between your users, with no compliance overhead.

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What's Cheq?

A free, fast, and compliant way to move crypto at scale

A Cheq account is just like a PayPal account, but running on USDC. Companies use our API to link together multiple Cheq accounts and build powerful payment networks.







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The Cheq account

Where users manage their money

Instantly familiar

Users don't need to have any crypto experience to start receiving and sending crypto payments. If you can use PayPal, you can use Cheq.

Total control

Cheq accounts are non-custodial. Users can never lose access to their funds. They can always access what belongs to them.

Zero volatility

Cheq balances are held in USDC stablecoin. Its value is tied to the US dollar and does not fluctuate. One dollar will always be worth one dollar.

Withdraw anytime

Users can liquidate their balance to over 250 crypto exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance, or bank accounts in 90 countries.

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The Cheq API

How companies move money

Build powerful payment platforms by using our API to transfer funds to, from, and between Cheq accounts.

Lightweight API

Just a few endpoints enable your company to start accepting crypto payments and issue payouts to users anywhere in the world.

KYC Built In

Cheq handles end-user KYC, mitigating the need for you to implement your own KYC flows in your platform.

Global Coverage

Cheq handles end-user KYC, mitigating the need for you to implement your own KYC flows in your platform.

No Licensing Requirements

Because Cheq accounts are non-custodial, you won't need a Money Transmission Licence or similar to work with them.


Built on proven infrastructure

Cheq might be a crypto company, but our tech is tried and tested web2. We only make use of the most rigorously used blockchain features, and don't utilise any proprietary built smart contracts.

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Funds move directly

Cheq does not touch or hold user’s funds, instead helping users make safe transfers directly between wallets.

Private keys are private

Only the end-user can reveal their private key by requesting it. This eliminates the risk of them inadvertently sharing it, and your liability in keeping it safe.

Off-ramp to 250+ exchanges,
and bank accounts in 90
countries with one integration

Integrate once with Cheq and empower users to move funds everywhere.

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Cheq Fees

What’s important to you?


Sending funds to Cheq accounts, withdrawing funds to exchanges, and sending funds from one Cheq account to another carries a 0% transaction fee (free!). We charge a 2% fee for withdrawals direct to a bank account.


Cheq has a simple API that allows partners to build powerful payment platforms. Additionally, for customers most interested in accepting crypto, we have a Zapier integration so you can track payments in over 4000+ applications including Google Sheets.


Under the hood, your payments are made just like a standard crypto transfer, with all the speed and security you are already used to.

Cheq adds and easy-to-use user interface to make transfers easy and accessible to everyone, as well as adding useful tools like integrations and notifications.

Ease of use

Cheq's API is one of the most straightforward in the payments industry. With just a few endpoints, developers can accept payments, issue payouts, and initiate transfers between accounts.

Cheq accounts require no crypto knowledge to use. Anyone who has used PayPal will find Cheq instantly familiar.

Non-developers can build sophisticated workflows around collecting payments by connecting Cheq to 4000+ other applications using our Zapier integration.

Customer Support

Cheq has dedicated human support for every user available through live chat or email.

Developers can book calls with technical members of the Cheq team to get hands on help with their integration in one click from inside the 'Developers' section of the app.


Cheq's default currency is USDC on the Polygon network. Cheq supports accepting payments in USDC, DAI, BUSD, USDT on the Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon chains when an external wallet is connected.

In October 2022, Cheq will be launching cash payouts in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD and JPY.


Cheq cannot touch your funds at rest or in transit. Funds flow directly from the customer to the merchant, through the same mechanism all crypto transfers go through.

By not interfering with the usual tansfer mechanism, you can be sure that your funds are going to arrive safely like the millions of other transfers that are sent every day.

KYC Checks

KYC is not enforced by default unless you want to connect a Cheq account to a partner that requires KYC.

If you are asked to perform KYC, it is a straightforward process where you provide a scan of your government issued ID and a facial scan. Results are usually returned within an hour.


Crypto transactions are usually anonymous, making fraud a commonplace issue.

Cheq conducts wallet address screening with Chainalysis on all wallets that interact with the platform, and asks for KYC from active merchants to minimise the likelihood of fraudulent behaviour on the platform.

Use Cases

Cheq is a powerful platform that can be used for a variety of use-cases.

Our crypto-acceptance features are used by NFT marketplaces, SaaS businesses, startups raising funding, and events companies selling conference tickets.

Our crypto-payouts features have won the backing of the leading global payroll companies.

Developer Tools

If you like Stripe, you'll love Cheq.

Our API is built with the same principles in mind, making moving money easy.

Because crypto is inherently programmable, the integration is much easier than you think. Plus, you can book time with our tech team to get free hands on help with your integration.


Payment flows have to be robust and always available.

Cheq has a best in class 99.99% uptime record. Because the blockchain provides the core of our infrastructure, we are runnning on the world's most battle tested payment rails.

Some of our customers made it possible for us to lead by example and accept crypto for our web3 event. Additionally, the fact that they don’t charge a transaction fee meant more budget to put on an amazing experience for our guests.

Image of Henry Horsefall, Zebu Live CEO and cheq customer

Henry Horsefall

Founder and CEO, Zebu Live

My client doesn't usually pay in crypto, so sharing a link with them made life much easier. They were able to pay with confidence, and I received my funds instantly to my MetaMask wallet which I immediately cashed out to Binance with no extra fee.


Antonio Garcia

Upwork Freelancer allowed me to accept USDC like a business. My investors loved the experience, giving them confidence when transferring large sums of money.

Elias Simos

Founder & CEO, Rated Labs

Around half of our sales are made with crypto. Without we'd have to either only support credit card or put up with expensive fees and a sub-standard crypto checkout process.

Image of Augustinas Malinauskas, Cheq user for Verse

Augustinas Malinauskas

Co-Founder & CTO, Verse

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