You send crypto. They receive USD.

Use crypto to pay anyone, for anything, anywhere.

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The leader in crypto-to-fiat payments fuses crypto and fiat payment rails into one transaction. The sender transfers crypto, which is automatically liquidated and deposited into the recipient's bank account, all in one click.







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Where would you like to cashout to?

Bank Account

e.g Chase, HSBC

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Centralized exchange

e.g Binance, Coinbase

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For senders

Spend crypto anywhere

Accepted by everyone

Forget whether the recipient can accept crypto. You send crypto, but they will receive a bank transfer.

Ultra-low cost charges sender a simple, low 1% fee.

Cross-chain capability

Works with popular stablecoins on Ethereum and Polygon chains.

Super easy requires nearly no crypto knowledge to use

select a bank to send funds to

For recipients

Accept crypto without even realising

Just arrives as fiat

A recipient of a transfer does not even need to know the funds originated in crypto.

Full amount received

Because charges the sender, your recipients receive the full amount they expect, just like a normal bank transfer.

Payment reference included

Any reference message can be included on the payment for easy reconciliation.

No crypto complexity

Accepting crypto requires techncial, FX, and operational complexity. Getting paid via requires none.

Send up to $1m in a single transaction is just like the best fintech apps you already know and love, capable of handling high value B2B payments. for crypto-fiat transfers


Add crypto-to-fiat payments to your product

Our crypto-to-fiat payment functionality is powered by a separate company called is a recognised Virtual Asset Service Provider in the EU, and processes crypto-to-fiat payments on behalf of

Anyone can use the API to add crypto-to-fiat payment functionality to their products. FAQs

What’s important to you?


Sending crypto directly to a bank account incurs a charge of 1% of transaction value, paid by the sender.

Using to accept crypto payments is free.

Check out our full pricing page.

Integrations has a simple but powerful API for creating crypto-checkouts, as well as a Zapier integration for no-code users.

Customers interested in leveraging crypto-to-fiat payments into their products should check out, our regulated partner who can provide this service.

Infrastructure provides an easy-to-use interface over technology that is typically reliable but hard to use.

Our crypto-checkouts streamline the experience to sending and receiving blockchain transactions.

Our crypto-to-fiat features fuse crypto off-ramping with fiat payment rails, thanks to the use of also adds helpful features like notifications, code and no-code APIs, and an intuitive dashboard to make crypto-payments feel like familiar fintech.

Ease of use is built to feel familiar and straightforward to use, with minimal reference to the complexity usually associated with crypto.

No previous crypto knowledge is required to use the platform and all features can be enjoyed from the point-and-click interface.

Customer Support

Cheq has dedicated human support for every user available through live chat or email.

Developers can book calls with technical members of the team to get hands on help with their integration in one click from inside the 'Developers' section of the app.

Currencies can accept USDC, USDT and DAI on the Polygon or Ethereum chains, and make fiat payments to bank accounts in nearly every country worldwide in USD, EUR, or GBP.

Security never takes custody of your funds. Only you can make transfers transactions to our regulated partners who instantly liquidate the crypto and initiate a fiat payment.

Consequently we never hold assets that can be exploited by attackers.

KYC Checks

KYC is not enforced by default unless you want to utilise our crypto-to-fiat payment features.

If you are asked to perform KYC by our regulated partner, it is a straightforward process where you provide a scan of your government issued ID and a facial scan. Results are usually returned within an hour.


Crypto transactions are usually anonymous, making fraud a commonplace issue. gathers the personal information typically associated with traditional payments to mitigate the use of the platform for malicious purposes. Our regulated partners perform KYC and AML checks where necessary throughout the payment lifecycle.

Use Cases is a powerful platform that can be used for a variety of use-cases.

Our crypto-to-fiat payment features allow Web3 companies and DAOs to spend their crypto treasury, and facilitate payments out of LatAm and Africa to the rest of the world.

Our crypto-acceptance features are used by NFT marketplaces, SaaS businesses, startups raising funding, and events companies selling conference tickets.

Developer Tools

If you like Stripe, you'll love

Our API is built with the same principles in mind, making moving money easy.

Because crypto is inherently programmable, the integration is much easier than you think. Plus, you can book time with our tech team to get free hands on help with your integration.


Payment flows have to be robust and always available. has a best in class 99.99% uptime record. Because the blockchain provides the core of our infrastructure, we are running on the world's most battle tested payment rails.

Customers already trusting made it possible for us to lead by example and accept crypto for our web3 event. Additionally, the fact that they don’t charge a transaction fee meant more budget to put on an amazing experience for our guests.

Image of Henry Horsefall, Zebu Live CEO and cheq customer

Henry Horsefall

Founder and CEO, Zebu Live

My client doesn't usually pay in crypto, so sharing a link with them made life much easier. They were able to pay with confidence, and I received my funds instantly to my MetaMask wallet which I immediately cashed out to Binance with no extra fee.


Antonio Garcia

Upwork Freelancer allowed me to accept USDC like a business. My investors loved the experience, giving them confidence when transferring large sums of money.

Elias Simos

Founder & CEO, Rated Labs

Around half of our sales are made with crypto. Without we'd have to either only support credit card or put up with expensive fees and a sub-standard crypto checkout process.

Image of Augustinas Malinauskas, Cheq user for Verse

Augustinas Malinauskas

Co-Founder & CTO, Verse

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