Developers: Checkout

Crypto checkouts made easy

Accept crypto, for free, in a few lines of code.

Everything you need to launch in minutes

Crypto programming made easy

Don't get bogged down in complex crypto jargon or make a costly programming mistake. The Checkout API abstracts away the complexity to make processing crypto even easier than fiat.

Testnet support

Other APIs require you to spend real tokens and real gas fees when working with their API. We support the Polygon Testnet when working with our API so you can test all you like with no expensive fees.

The gold standard for crypto checkout

Completely Free

Crypto moves directly from customer to merchant. Checkout just provides a UI to ensure the transfer goes smoothly. We can't deduct a single cent of value even if we wanted to.

Compliance included does not require you to complete a 30 page KYC onboarding form. Get started instantly and only perform a 5-minute KYC check if you want to use our fiat capabilities.

Flexible use-cases Checkout is a super lightweight and un-opinionated API. You can deploy it as part of a more complex workflow bespoke to your precise needs.

Ease of use Checkout is the fastest way to accept crypto transfers at scale. You can get started without needing to talk to a human and complete your integration using just four endpoints.

Fiat compatibility included

You can cash out crypto you receive into fiat using any service you like. For a 1% fee, you can use's built in cash out functionality.


Because funds transfer directly from customer to merchant, never takes custody of funds. Transfers on are as secure as the blockchains they ride on.

Who's using Checkout made it possible for us to lead by example and accept crypto for our web3 event. Additionally, the fact that they don’t charge a transaction fee meant more budget to put on an amazing experience for our guests.

Image of Henry Horsefall, Zebu Live CEO and cheq customer

Henry Horsefall

Founder and CEO, Zebu Live

My client doesn't usually pay in crypto, so sharing a link with them made life much easier. They were able to pay with confidence, and I received my funds instantly to my MetaMask wallet which I immediately cashed out to Binance with no extra fee.


Antonio Garcia

Upwork Freelancer allowed me to accept USDC like a business. My investors loved the experience, giving them confidence when transferring large sums of money.

Elias Simos

Founder & CEO, Rated Labs

Around half of our sales are made with crypto. Without we'd have to either only support credit card or put up with expensive fees and a sub-standard crypto checkout process.

Image of Augustinas Malinauskas, Cheq user for Verse

Augustinas Malinauskas

Co-Founder & CTO, Verse

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